Mommy barrettes

I have to admit, part of the fun of having a girl is getting to dress her and accessorize her wardrobe. Even though I can’t get her to keep a clip or headband in her hair for more than 10 seconds these days, I still continue to build her hair accessories collection regardless. It also started me thinking that I could use some new hair accessories of my own to help spruce up my look.

On one of my many trips to Kroger, I let myself browse the hair accessories section, which I don’t normally do because, much like the chip aisle, I’m always likely to leave with something if I go down that road so I typically steer clear of that aisle. Sure enough, I stumbled across these cute Goody barrettes and just had to have them. I felt pretty good about the purchase too considering I got them for the bargain price of less than $5 so I figured what the hell, why not (Christmas come early).

Here is a picture of how they came in the store with one gold, one silver and one brown. Below are a few fun ways I’ve been wearing them so far. Yes, one of the pictures I do have the gold one next to the silver one and I know, for some, this is considered a fashion crime but I like it here since it’s not too drastic of a color difference. The brown barrette picture is how the girl on the packaging is wearing it and quick bravo for anyone on the Goody marketing team because if I see a picture of how something is to be worn, I automatically think I can replicate but alas, I never am able to. I’m such an easy advertising target. 🙂





I can’t remember why I stayed away from these for so long…maybe because the name alludes to being a little girl and doesn’t equate to being a grown up but needless to say, I am back on the barrette bandwagon for now. Even better, these are perfect for those days you can’t seem to squeeze in that shower, which happens more than I care to admit.

Glamour sidebar: After taking these pics, I managed to clean one of the bathrooms before heading to bed. What’s not glam about that?!

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