Grey on grey

I had this blog post all drafted and ready to go for about the past three weeks but literally just got around to taking a photo to accompany it. Ideally, I had visions of taking it after I had showered, in natural sunlight and in full makeup but had a feeling if I didn’t have it taken now in my current state, with my hair pulled back, with awful dining room lighting and in minimal makeup, it will be Summer before my ideal vision takes place.

I like to consider myself pretty open to the latest fashion trends or at least open to mixing up my staples with a new fad but one thing I can’t embrace, for some reason, is wearing grey on grey. It didn’t take me long to get onboard with wearing black and brown or even black and blue together but despite my best efforts and the fact that I’m wearing lots of grey these days in the sweats department, with a newborn and toddler at home and freezing temperatures outside, if I have a grey top on, I refuse to layer grey or wear grey bottoms. I could be wearing grey sweats and only have one clean t-shirt but if it’s grey, I’ll grab a flannel instead, for example. It’s the weirdest thing. Hence the less than enthusiastic look on my face.