Beads, baths and baking

Let me preface this with I know we all have had to cope differently throughout this whole ordeal but I am someone who has to be productive if I’m essentially told I can’t do the things that would normally make me productive on a regular basis and need to find new things to make me productive in this new normal so if I had to sum up how I’ve needed to unplug from homeschooling, housework, emails, cooking, cleaning and more during Covid I would have to say it’s through the three B’s …beads, baths and baking. I picked up an old hobby that I used to do in highschool while making mixed tapes so my pedicure could dry and that was jewelry making. I noticed a bracelet style that was trending and a retailer that made them but that I personally did not want to pay the price for so started making for friends and family and it became a very much needed distraction from all things global pandemic. I was even able to sell some of them in a cute Annapolis boutique called Lilac Bijoux! These are some of my creations. 

When I say baths I do literally mean soaking in a lavender bubble bath but also just any sort of self care whether that is a face mask or teeth whitening strips or a body scrub. I am still very aware that I need to stay healthy to do all the things a mom needs to do on a regular basis but especially now since I’ve added homeschool teacher to my hat rack. Have I mentioned teachers are my hero? Because they are. 

image0 (13)

I am also a very detailed, thorough, process-oriented kind of gal which baking requires a lot of. It also doesn’t hurt that I have a major sweet tooth. We’ve made everything from chocolate chip cookies, zucchini muffins, homemade peasant bread, carrot cake muffins and easter egg brownies to name a few. Let’s just say my waistline and I haven’t exactly been seeing eye to eye since quarantine started but I blame all my baking inspirations that I follow on instagram like Ina Garten, Giada and Cupcakes and Cashmere. Hope everyone is hanging in there!

Easter in quarantine

I admittedly could not help myself this Easter on the mommy and me matching front. Even before all this corona virus stuff went down, something told me I didn’t want the girls to get too old where it’s no longer cool for their mom to dress like them so I had a sense of urgency this Easter to finally act on it. Even though we had nowhere to be on Easter Sunday and tuned into Easter mass from our couch in pajamas and slippers and had a box of crackers for communion, I insisted we change into our Easter Sunday best. Now, doesn’t mean sweatpants weren’t changed back into shortly after but it did make me feel hopeful, thankful and blessed especially on that day of all days.
Tradition is big for me especially when it comes to holidays and I was a little worried I couldn’t pull it off without all our family around but thankfully my parents had instilled a lot of tradition around this holiday and every holiday that I knew how to make it special all on my own from a special breakfast to hiding the baskets and even got a makeshift picture with the bunny from a photographer friend.
I can already tell this time with just us as a family is one thing I will definitely miss once we’re back out in the world, having to keep up with all the things, so I’m soaking it up as much as I possibly can.