A night out

I have always loved the idea of a night out and even more so now as a mom. I love putting thought into what I’m going to wear from the clothes to the hair and makeup down to accessories and shoes. I typically have one thing  in mind like a fun bracelet and then I build the rest of my ensemble around that. To be honest, some days it feels like I’m trying to work with three separate wardrobes. My pre-baby clothes, my post-baby clothes and on occasion, my maternity wardrobe are what I have to work with to try and find something I feel comfortable and confident in so these days, accessories are my friend.

For this night out, I received some fun jewelry from Madewell so knew I wanted to wear some of those pieces. I particularly liked these bracelets I have on because they reminded me of the Cartier love bracelet, which I wouldn’t mind owning one day (Hint: Mike, if you’re reading this). Next, I always take season, temperature and restaurant atmosphere into consideration. However, I don’t want to come across as boring or expected so like the look to come across as flattering and fun. I am a big fan of heels but not 100% ready to rock them just yet post-baby. My balance can be touch and go as it is now so add a cocktail and four or five inch heels and that’s a recipe for a sprained ankle for this girl.

Don’t forget to finish off that look with your favorite fragrance! My current favorite is Abercrombie & Fitch Perfume No. 1 that my husband just got me for Mother’s Day.