Vienna, Austria

I recently had the opportunity to go to Vienna, Austria for work. It never dawned on me to have this city on any sort of bucket list but if it’s not currently on yours, it should be. Now it may have helped that it was sunny and about 70 degrees when we were there and staying in an amazingly historic five-star hotel but you could just sense how regal the city must have been hundreds of years ago.

If there are any Sound of Music fans out there, I always remember how Baroness Elsa von Schraeder was from Vienna and her level of class, sophistication and even a bit of snobbery makes complete sense that they casted her from Vienna. If you haven’t seen the movie, you need to just based on the fact it’s based on an incredible true story. A must-see!

Every time I get to Europe, which is never as often as I hope, I try to remind myself of a few things when I go back to the states. There are several things I admire that Europeans do on a daily basis that I always want to incorporate into my every day life. First, don’t be afraid to use your legs to get places. Second, I love how they don’t have a lot of “stuff” like Americans do and don’t seem to get caught up in all things excess which could be because space doesn’t physically allow there but still admirable. Third, I love that they stop to enjoy meals with friends or family. All the rushing, daily grind and urgency seems to or at least it looks this way to me, it seems to go away for those couple hours and I love that so much. Lastly, a cute, classic, tailored blazer with a scarf goes a long way. Their style always looks so incredibly effortless.

Here are some fun pictures from the trip. If you’re a history buff, you’ll be in heaven. I highly recommend trying the torte from Hotel Imperial, the Schönbrunn or Hofburg Imperial Palace or any winery off the Blue Danube Valley, to name a few.