First order of business

So there’s really nothing like a brain infection to brush up on some old habits. Considering I was a clean and healthy person is a little frustrating it happened to begin with but I’m going to do what I can to make me feel in control of my life again. Since my doctors seemed to have narrowed the problem down to my mouth, I’ve made sure toothbrushes get a good weekly dishwasher cleaning and I’ve definitely upped my flossing and mouth washing. However, I didn’t have cavities or anything to begin with so trying not to let it get the best of me. Then I thought, what else do I use on my face daily that could use an upgrade and that was makeup brushes so got new ones of those and putting them in these cute organizers I found at Target didn’t hurt either. The other thing I use on my face daily is a towel to wash my face so those now get a weekly or bi-weekly cleaning. Last but definitely not least, I’ve become religious about taking my multi vitamin every morning and probiotic every night.


Not sure if any of this helps but praying it has to help keep my insides and outsides strong if I ever have to recover from something like brain surgery again. Again, trying to let go and let God as much as possible.