Lucky in love

We really are so fortunate to be in love and in my case, loved by someone I can honestly say I want to grow old with and experience all life has to offer, the good the bad and the ugly. I do apologize for the mushy side there but couldn’t resist when we were just in Chicago celebrating my sister at her bridal shower and bachelorette party. Lucky in love happened to be the theme for the beautiful shower my aunt and cousins threw for her on St. Patrick’s Day so couldn’t have been a more perfect day in a city that literally feels like it bleeds green on this special, Irish holiday. One we particularly hold true in our family as well.

My ongoing fashion and just overall style motto is classic, classic and more classic pieces. There’s a reason why when I look at Jennifer Aniston in Rumor Has It, for example, that she looks like she’s 25 in one scene…it’s because she’s wearing a classic white tee, distressed jeans and I believe chuck Taylor’s. Want to guess how old she really was when shooting that movie? She was 36. She also wears a classic black dress in that movie that I fell in love with. Classic lines, classic color and classic silhouette. So needless to say, there was only one dress I had in mind for the bachelorette party and paired with a blush colored blazer that just happens to be one of my sisters wedding day colors, felt like I was staying tried and true to my motto that night. I, of course, paired it with some green dangly earrings to show my St. Pattys Day respect. 🙂


Photo credit (and the sweet shamrock headband) goes to my super cool cousin, Kenzie. Love you lady!