On occasion

Here is what I mean when I decided to call my blog glam today, gone tomorrow. As a stay at home mom, I don’t have many needs for my corporate work clothes much these day but on occasion, I will have lunch or drinks with an old co-worker. A few weeks ago, I had lunch with a former associate and wore one of my favorite business casual staples…this black dress paired with my leopard pumps. I got the dress from New York and Company years ago and the heels I got from Target a year or so ago.


Later that day, I slipped back into my mom gear, which is actually something I would have worn even before my mommy days…the always classic T-shirt and flannel paired with skinny (with just the perfect amount of stretch) jeans. All of the above I got at Hollister. The shoes are Toms that I recently received as a birthday gift. Not only are they comfy and great for every day but in Columbus, Ohio they are the perfect shoes to wear on a Buckeye game day, especially in the Fall months when there is still a hint of summer air right before the crisp Fall weather sets in. Who says you can’t dress down and still feel cute?


Flea Market Adventure

Recently, Mike, Ava and I took a trip to the flea market. It’s always been something I’ve wanted to get into, especially since I like that vintage, French countryside, dreamy shabby look of things. It is places like this that sometimes make me think I was born in a different time and it’s a piece like this one that makes me think that time and place was ‘ol Paris. Maybe that’s why I studied it in college (even though I’m mainly Italian) and it became my second language but this loveseat practically spoke to me. And if we had brought our larger SUV instead of my small, Honda accord, I might have tried to persuade Mike to take it home with us. Oh well, better luck next time.


It was also an inexpensive little field trip too! I think parking cost $7 so as long as you’re just looking, not buying, it definitely won’t break the bank and it’s a great chance to get your little one (and you!) a change of scenery.


Hair today gone tomorrow

One of the not so glamorous parts of having a baby is how much your body changes, post-baby. One of those changes includes hair loss. Almost every time I shower and brush my hair these days, I notice I shed a lot more hair than normal. Apparently, it is very common because during pregnancy all those extra hormones prolong the growing stage and that hair that never fell out eventually does but sometimes, I even feel like it’s growing in reverse!

Meanwhile, I am debating chopping a few inches off (Brooklyn Decker or Jennifer Aniston style) at my next haircut to help make it not feel so thin. I also picked up a couple skin, hair and nail pills to try out, on top of my prenatal vitamin I am still taking since it is also supposed to help with the hair loss. The one on the left is from Whole Foods and the one on the right is from CVS. I am going to start with the one on the right for no other reason besides that it is in a gummy pill form and I am sucker for anything gummy. 🙂

I have heard our hair should be back to normal by our baby’s first birthday though. Fingers (and hair!) crossed!


It’s the little things

As a new stay at home mom, I realize, now more than ever, that in order to still feel semi-stylish and to stay on budget I have to use what I have vs. constantly filling my online shopping cart. So my favorite Stella and Dot arrow necklace took on a whole new look of its own when I woke up one morning with it completely turned around with the clasp in the front. Now this may have been the sleep deprivation talking but I really liked it! It felt like a brand new necklace and for $0! I feel like they should make necklace clasps, in general, a little more appealing so you would really feel like you’re getting a bang for your buck.

IMG_4487 IMG_4498

Lip obsession

I, admittedly, have a chapstick/lipgloss obsession. Anyone that knows me, will vouch for me. I probably have about 10 lip products on me at all times for whichever mood I am in that day. But now that I am a mom, I want to shower my baby girl with kisses all day long so can’t exactly have a full, red lip on a daily basis.

Here are my top five favorite lip products, at the moment, that still allow me to feel fun and girly while giving guilt-free kisses to baby A. 

1. Classic Chapstick in Cherry 
2. eos (the red one… forget the flavor)
3. How ‘Bout Them Apples Cheek & Lip (Pie color… perfect one stop shop to go for a little extra color) 
4. Estee Lauder Lip Conditioner (I feel extra fancy putting this on, since it comes in a classic lipstick tube)
5. Bobbi Brown Pink Brightening Lip Gloss (gives great shine for that girls night out or date night) 

I also rotate out any of the Maybelline Baby Lips. 😉

IMG_4450 IMG_4460