Since I love US Weekly and I love lists, here are 25 things you don’t know about me…

1. Friends is my favorite TV show ever.

2. French used to be my second language.

3. I have several travel bucket lists going, in my head. One being to get to every continent.

4. I hate rude people.

5. I try every new DQ blizzard.

6. My fashion bucket list includes owning a Chanel purse and getting to a fashion show during fashion week in NYC.

7. My husband and I eat pizza almost every Friday night.

8. Paris is one of my favorite places.

9. I’ve been a little accessory happy lately.

10. I have a sweet cockapoo dog, named Lola.

11. I feel naked without my diamond stud earrings.

12. I once tried to replicate Meg Ryan’s haircut in You’ve Got Mail… and in high school!

13. I hate running but love yoga.

14. Watching the Oscars is up there with the SuperBowl for me.

15. I would like to take up golf one day and get back into tennis.

16. I am a night owl but can be mistaken for a morning person.

17. Any Real Housewives show on Bravo sucks me in every time.

18. I find the Food Network therapeutic. Giada, Pioneer Woman and Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives are my favorites.

19. There’s nothing like a fresh mani/pedi.

20. I am a Green Bay Packer and Ohio State Buckeye Fan.

21. Fall is my favorite season. Now even more so, since my daughter was born in the Fall.

22. I would love to meet Lauren Conrad or Bethenny Frankel.

23. I prefer glasses over contacts.

24. I am ambidextrous and have a photogenic memory.

25. I love being a mom to my sweet baby girl, Ava Fleur. ❤

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