All you need is love

(I don’t know about you but I personally can’t think of anything else but this song when it comes on in the movie, Love Actually)

I always get a little bummed once Christmas is over, decorations are put away and there aren’t any continuous Christmas songs on the radio, until February rolls around. I don’t know if it’s the pretty colored king cakes, all the fun Valentine’s or the plethora of chocolates (especially after I had a very dry January, cutting out alcohol, dairy and sugar) but it definitely helps put me in a better mood. You can certainly feel the love in this household.

Okay, so I also have to share this little king cake-related story. This year, we got our king cake from a local bakery and since I didn’t see the traditional baby Jesus in the middle of the cake, I just figured they had ran out or something. No biggie. Well we cut into it that night and while I was eating mine, I bit down on something and was honestly freaked out it was something horrific that had accidentally slipped in because it was very hard and inside a very soft cake. Anyway, once I finally spit it out, I realized it was the baby Jesus! Naturally, I felt like the worst human being in the entire world (enter catholic guilt) but on the plus side, the girls enjoyed adding him to their babies collection and all was well. So the moral of the story is to keep an eye out for the baby Jesus when eating a king cake.