Dear Gramma,

When I really stop to think about this life, what I want to leave behind, what I want to accomplish, who I want to be, like I did after you passed, the legacy you left behind is a goal I will strive to achieve every day. I know your life wasn’t perfect, as none of ours is, but your style was effortless, every conversation was filled with love, your faith was inspiring, your optimism was contagious and your adventures were endless.

Not to mention having the honor to watch your children grow up, have families of their own, even get to witness the next generation grow up in over a dozen of your great grands is truly inspiring. So every year we do our fondue night or I make a genoise cake for Mike’s birthday or see a fleur di lis, I will think of you. In my mind, you woke up every day (even on the bad days I’m sure) grateful to be here, with a positive attitude and a smile on your face and I will strive to do the same. 

What an incredible 90 years of life you truly lived. You will be oh so very missed. I promise to keep your legacy alive and well.


Your granddaughter