Hair today gone tomorrow

One of the not so glamorous parts of having a baby is how much your body changes, post-baby. One of those changes includes hair loss. Almost every time I shower and brush my hair these days, I notice I shed a lot more hair than normal. Apparently, it is very common because during pregnancy all those extra hormones prolong the growing stage and that hair that never fell out eventually does but sometimes, I even feel like it’s growing in reverse!

Meanwhile, I am debating chopping a few inches off (Brooklyn Decker or Jennifer Aniston style) at my next haircut to help make it not feel so thin. I also picked up a couple skin, hair and nail pills to try out, on top of my prenatal vitamin I am still taking since it is also supposed to help with the hair loss. The one on the left is from Whole Foods and the one on the right is from CVS. I am going to start with the one on the right for no other reason besides that it is in a gummy pill form and I am sucker for anything gummy. 🙂

I have heard our hair should be back to normal by our baby’s first birthday though. Fingers (and hair!) crossed!


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