Beads, baths and baking

Let me preface this with I know we all have had to cope differently throughout this whole ordeal but I am someone who has to be productive if I’m essentially told I can’t do the things that would normally make me productive on a regular basis and need to find new things to make me productive in this new normal so if I had to sum up how I’ve needed to unplug from homeschooling, housework, emails, cooking, cleaning and more during Covid I would have to say it’s through the three B’s …beads, baths and baking. I picked up an old hobby that I used to do in highschool while making mixed tapes so my pedicure could dry and that was jewelry making. I noticed a bracelet style that was trending and a retailer that made them but that I personally did not want to pay the price for so started making for friends and family and it became a very much needed distraction from all things global pandemic. These are some of my creations. 

When I say baths I do literally mean soaking in a lavender bubble bath but also just any sort of self care whether that is a face mask or teeth whitening strips or a body scrub. I am still very aware that I need to stay healthy to do all the things a mom needs to do on a regular basis but especially now since I’ve added homeschool teacher to my hat rack. Have I mentioned teachers are my hero? Because they are. 

image0 (13)

I am also a very detailed, thorough, process-oriented kind of gal which baking requires a lot of. It also doesn’t hurt that I have a major sweet tooth. We’ve made everything from chocolate chip cookies, zucchini muffins, homemade peasant bread, carrot cake muffins and easter egg brownies to name a few. Let’s just say my waistline and I haven’t exactly been seeing eye to eye since quarantine started but I blame all my baking inspirations that I follow on instagram like Ina Garten, Giada and Cupcakes and Cashmere. Hope everyone is hanging in there!

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