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So while my latest adventures these days may not be filled with planning vacations or trips to tropical destinations or abroad, they have kept me more local with adventures in the kitchen. I haven’t always loved spending tons of time in the kitchen, especially when take out can be so much easier and twice as fast. Not to mention, something always seems to taste better when someone else makes it. However, now that I have a sweet, little mouth to feed I love the idea of feeding her as many things homemade as possible.

I hosted Thanksgiving this past week and since baby A loved her turkey dinner, I decided to try a couple other recipes for breakfast Saturday morning. The egg muffin recipe I found on Pinterest, aka my online recipe book. Ava loves her scrambled eggs but this way I can sneak in some veggies without her knowing. I put leftover turkey, broccoli and a couple of cheeses in this one. I kind of wish I would have put leftover stuffing in them too. Super easy and delicious.


Funny story about this next recipe. I follow, and I am not afraid to admit it, Vanessa Lachey on Instragram. She’s so darn cute. Yes, she is Nick Lachey’s wife, the same Nick Lachey who was married to Jessica Simpson. Anyway, a couple of weeks ago she posted a picture of her finished product of this Pumpkin Spice Pull Apart Bread with hashtag Pilsbury so I went to their site, plugged in the recipe and voila, it popped right up. This bread is definitely going to be making an annual appearance around the holidays in our house.



After all, I truly believe food is part of what makes up a memorable childhood, at least it did for me with things like my mom’s spaghetti, birthday genoa cake and Christmas Eve fondue to name a few, so I want to make sure Ava can look back on hers and feel the exact same way.

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