Give thanks

I love the time of year Thanksgiving falls on. It really allows you to look back on the year and reflect on how much there is to be thankful for. Family, friends, health and home always come to mind and are things I definitely need to be thankful for more often than this one day a year.

I especially had to keep all this in mind when we had minor snafu yesterday morning, Thanksgiving, getting ready to host my family and had a minor flooding issue in our basement. Sure, I freaked out and thought we were going to have to relocate or cancel Thanksgiving but as luck would have it, the plumber that had worked on this issue a couple of weeks back randomly decided to work yesterday so was able to come over and fix the situation and Thanksgiving was back on by noon so he was another person I was thankful for yesterday.

Also, thankful for nephew #2 to join us next May! Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!




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