Rock that red

While red is a very powerful color, in general, and representative of many important causes such as the American Heart Association and recently, Red Thumb Day to encourage people to not text and drive, it is also a very fun and energetic color to have in your wardrobe. It is a must have for me, especially during this time of year when I can easily parlay it into an outfit for a Buckeye game, a holiday party, Christmas mass or even looking ahead to Valentine’s Day.

I bought this red blazer from H&M a few years back and it’s provided to be the perfect red staple for me. The sparkly top/blazer combo I wore recently to a surprise birthday party right after Thanksgiving and the t-shirt/blazer combo I wore to a cookie exchange party. You may recognize the sparkly top from one of my posts below from Forever 21 and the t-shirt is from Abercrombie & Fitch. Now don’t get me wrong, if these events were with the same group of people, I probably would not have worn this blazer both times but luckily they weren’t so it was a win-win all around!



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