Destination play date

I have always been a fan of traveling. I truly consider it a part of my DNA. In fact, when I haven’t gone somewhere for a few months, I get the travel bug to either go somewhere, plan a trip or even jot down places I would like to go next. So when my mom suggested their condo in Kiawah, SC I was more than excited. It is one of my happy places in this world and I couldn’t wait to show Ava the beach for the very first time.

While the thought of going to the beach is always a fun one, going with and packing for a toddler can be daunting. Since we have done lots of traveling with Ava in her first year, her packing list has evolved but this particular bag has definitely become one of my staples. My mom gave me this bag last Christmas from Eddie Bauer to have something a little more compact to carry around for quick trips and/or errands with Ava. She also got it for my sister in blue for her little boy, my nephew, David. He is eight weeks older than Ava and they are best buds. They came to Kiawah with us too! So needless to say, when you’re traveling with two toddlers, two new moms, Mimi and all of their stuff and our stuff, you have GOT to be prepared.

Here is the pocket breakdown…

Bag from Eddie Bauer

Side Pocket: Carmex, Honest sunscreen, Honest hand sanitizer, Honest lotion, a pen and a couple of dollars

Small front pocket: Polysporin, band aids, Babyganics face roll on sunscreen, baby nail scissors


Front medium pocket: bib, teether toys, bath toy and mini book


Big main pocket: Arm & Hammer surface wipes, Honest wipes, Babyganics hands and face wipes, Earth’s Best organic squeezable, Pampers Swaddlers diaper, Munchkin changing sheet, Aquaphor and Babyganics SPF 50 sunscreen (yes, I am adamant about sunscreen)



Buuuuut with faces like these and a view like this, it makes it all worth it. 🙂

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