Up-up do

My poor peanut woke up this past Tuesday real sick. She took her morning bottle as usual but about 15 minutes later, when I went to change her diaper, everything came back up. After two hours, two baths, two pajama changes for her and I, two loads of laundry, it finally stopped. It had my husband and I scared to death, since it was the first time she had gotten this sick since she was born. When it finally stopped, the nurse recommended starting pedialyte, giving her an ounce every half hour 2-3 times then work your way up to two ounces and so on to avoid dehydration.

Needless to say, it was a very low-key day. I laid with her for her first nap to make sure she didn’t get sick again and then by her second nap around 2, I realized I hadn’t even brushed my teeth or taken a comb to my hair. I ended up throwing my hair up as high as it could go just as I heard her waking up on the monitor. When I finally got around to looking in the mirror before bath time that night, I kind of liked what I saw. It’s funny (yes, I was able to find humor in something that day) because when I try to do something cute with my hair, it never looks cute but when I spend seconds on it, that is when I end up liking it and can almost never re-create it so I had to share.

On a day I have more time, I might try this same up-do but maybe with a braid on each side or wrap a long strand of hair a few times around the hair tie or add a sparkly headband or barrette to it.


I have to admit, I did love the snuggling part of the day with baby A.


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