Fashion dilemma

Fashion can be a tricky thing when you are a stay at home mom and under a tight budget, especially when you have a couple social things on the horizon and want to look your best. Since that doesn’t mean running out to the store for that new top or fun accessory like it used to, I considered it a fun challenge when I had to look in my own closet for something cute and stylish. I had just put Ava down for bed, was in an old T-shirt, worn leggings and had about five minutes before I had to be out the door to go to dinner with friends so I was real happy when I threw this outfit together in about 5 minutes. I wanted to find something casual but wanted to dress it up a little, as I was headed to a popular restaurant downtown.

Here’s the outfit rundown… The jacket I got a couple of years ago from Limited, the top is Lauren Conrad’s from Kohl’s, the white tank top underneath is from Loft Outlet, the jeans are the same jeans from an earlier post I bought at Hollister, boots are from Aldo, purse is from H&M and necklace is from A&F (this and the jeans are the only items actually purchased in the year 2014).


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