For me, it’s hard not to have this place on my mind or at least plotting when I’ll get there next in between the two most magical times in the city …Christmas and New Years Eve.

Much like Paris, for me, NYC will always be one of those magical places in my heart, so when my husband and I were coming up on our 10 year wedding anniversary and our 15 year anniversary since we met, we could only think of one place, we wanted to celebrate and that was back in NYC with our girls to show them where we got engaged and where our happy beginning began. On 7/27/07, Mike and I went for a weekend getaway as he had never been so I had planned as many classic New York activities as I could (tv/movie tour, Serendipity stop, Empire State Building, etc) but he had managed to squeeze in a surprise carriage ride through Central Park as soon as we arrived that stopped in front of the Bethesda Fountain where he popped the question.


So when we went back with our girls a few months back that exact carriage ride was in the top 3 of things we absolutely had to do…carriage ride, Serendipity and the Broadway show Frozen. Here are some highlights from our first trip with the girls to the big city.




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