Tahoe, you were a treat

If I could pick my ideal vacation spot, it would be somewhere I could relax half the time, i.e., sunbathe by the pool or at the beach, and be active half the time by doing things I wouldn’t normally do at home like mountain bike, jet ski or paddle board. This place definitely checked all those boxes but was even more of a bonus because I was there to watch my best friend get married. The same one who was standing up with me at the altar at my wedding 10 years ago. So it felt like a highschool reunion/anniversary trip/witnessing one of the best days of a couples married life so you can imagine, being in what felt like Gods country, it was almost euphoric. I am always so grateful each and every time I get to witness something as majestic as Lake Tahoe. I imagine I’d have the same reaction going to Africa on a safari or Bali or Bhutan, for example, just breathtaking. You better believe that the planner in me would like to make it a whole family reunion one day and guessing they won’t need much convincing after having seen all my pictures.


We stayed at a place called Brockway Springs and while the interior of our rental condo wasn’t very up to date, it made sense because we were basically only there to shower and sleep since it was so beautiful outside. That lakefront view though.


My official travel review of Lake Tahoe would have to be a hybrid of the Swiss Alps or Lake Como, the Caribbean with its clear, blue waters, and then just picture infinite rows of beautiful, tall, luscious evergreen trees. Add to your bucket list if it isn’t already on there.


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