Promise Mommy (part 3)

Being somewhat in the middle of having a sick toddler, I feel like I need to document what I would like her to remember when she’s older, since I tend to draw a blank in the heat of the moment myself and ideally can look back at this for friendly reminders of what’s working for her now and that still applies to us adults for kicking a fever and/or cold…

Promise Mommy…

…you’ll drink plenty of fluids and yes, that can even include juice if it makes you feel better.

…you’ll have a humidifier handy or go run out and get one, even if it’s the last one in the store, is shaped like a frog and goes by the name, Freddy. He’s pretty stinking cute.

…you’ll try these three things: a spoonful of honey, a cool washcloth on your forehead if you’re running a fever and snuggling up to your favorite movie.

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