My own personal stylist

One thing about me… I am all about sharing fashion and beauty tips with girlfriends and love when they share tips in return. A co-worker of mine always seemed to have the cutest outfits so I finally asked her where she got the blouse she had on that day and she said Stitch Fix. I had to ask her what exactly that was, since it was the first time I was hearing about it. I didn’t need much convincing to check it out and was so glad I did.

If you’re not familiar, you go on to their website and fill out a fairly detailed style profile, including everything from style preference and price range, down to your bra size. It allows you to put any specifics in a note to your stylist and select how often you would like to receive shipments of the five pieces your stylist selects for you. In my case, I selected every other month for the time being. The part I like best is there’s only a $20 styling fee so worst case scenario, if you receive your box of goodies and don’t like anything, you are only out $20.

They also provide you with a fun styling pamphlet with a couple of suggestions on how to style the pieces you receive. These are the three (minus the one in the bottom right) I decided to keep out of the five I received so I would say my first Stitch Fix experience was a big success!

IMG_9746 IMG_9748

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