Tennies and wedges

I love a good shopping spree just as much as the next girl but for some reason, I end up thinking of a dozen other things I should be spending my money on so end up finding something in my closet that will do. But there is one person I never feel guilty shopping for and that is Miss Ava. If any of you have little girls, you know how much fun it is shopping for them and I figure I might as well soak it up while I can, until she wants to give her opinion.

These two pairs of shoes I could not pass up on. Every girl needs a good pair of Chuck Taylor’s and these little high tops were the next best thing. I tried to explain to Mike that not all shoes are functional and that sometimes fashion over function wins, which is exactly the reason behind these adorable little wedges I had to get Ava. Sometimes I wish Carter’s made mommy equivalent pairs of shoes because I could definitely see myself wearing both of these.



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