Promise Mommy (part 2)

As Ava starts to get a little older, she is already showing signs of wanting to do things on her own, which I wholeheartedly encourage and support but can’t help but feel a little sad that my baby girl is already starting to grow up. For example, when she wants to feed herself with her fork and spoon or eat her sandwich whole and not in the baby bite sizes anymore. Or if she sees that Lola’s food bowl is empty, she is quick to go to the cabinet, get Lola’s food off the shelf and refill it herself. She is also just itching to be able to put her shoes on by herself. Melts my heart. So since I know this growing up thing is inevitable, here are a few things I hope she never outgrows.

Promise Mommy…

…you’ll never outgrow snuggling.

…you’ll always hug with both arms.

…you’ll always like cuddling up with a good book and if that happens to be with me then that will be icing on the cake.

One thought on “Promise Mommy (part 2)

  1. Reminds me of the first time I had you stay at my house on our “Auntie Mame” weekend. I think you were about 2 or 3. How I loved those times with you and your sisters/cousins. I remember one time I had made you some soup for lunch and you didn’t want it – and then you spit in it! And I thought….she’s growing up!


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