Back to you continued

Five more things to do once you’re ready to actually leave the house:

  1. Manicure or pedicure or BOTH
  2. Have Dad watch the baby while you go grab coffee (and sip slowly)
  3. Get a massage, facial or both (although, I would probably recommend waiting to do the massage after you’re done breastfeeding so you can enjoy laying on your stomach vs. it being a little painful)
  4. Plan a date with your man (nothing elaborate because you may not have much time so going to see a movie, grabbing brunch or even going out for ice cream)
  5. Shave your legs (seems basic but surprisingly made me feel like a million bucks after what my body went through)

Keep in mind, these 10 things don’t necessarily have to happen all at once. I think I finally got around to all of them in the span of 6-9 months but after each one, I felt a little more like myself. 🙂

I just thought of another one to add to the list… go see a movie solo! I went to see Frozen and it was the perfect little getaway. Plus, I learned the song, ‘Let it Go’ which I sing regularly to my daughter and it still puts a little grin on her face when she’s crying.


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