Rent the runway

I know this is not new for a lot of you but Rent the Runway was new for me this year and was a very successful “Glam Today” moment so had to document it because these moments don’t happen often. I finally decided to try Rent the Runway for a couple events I had this past Spring and think it might be the best invention ever. I’m just sad I didn’t think of it myself.

We had a charity gala event that I knew was going to be next level dressy so I had to step it up. (Full disclosure: I did have to commit a couple hours on a Friday night to scroll through all the dress options on the website and filter for the season, style and length but I thought it was worth it.)

So for those who haven’t used it before, you select your dress (you also have the option of picking accessories as well!), the date you would like it to arrive and the date you will drop it off with the free return postage. I’m always a little skeptical thinking things like, “will it arrive” or “will the zipper be broken” or “will there be a stain on it”? Fortunately, my dress arrived in great shape. I even liked the backup style I chose and packed it all back up Monday morning and dropped it at my local UPS store. It could not have been easier.

Next, I had to or should I say wanted to do all the pre-event glam and let me tell you, I left no stone unturned. I did everything from the mani/pedi, spray tan and eye masks down to the hot rollers. Granted, I was absolutely exhausted at the end of the day but I cherish these dress up nights, especially with my husband, so much because they do not happen as much as I’d like, as least not for this momma.

I think it’s so cool you can even use them similar to how you would use stitch fix, who sends you clothes based on your personality! Here’s my dress from the charity event…


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