We made it!

If my last blog post is any indication, the phrase, “Time Flies” has never felt more accurate. So to sum up, since that last blog post in May, our family of five, Lola included, have since relocated to Baltimore, Maryland for Mike’s new job at Under Armour. Looking back, it truly was a whirlwind and even feels like I blacked out at parts. When I was packing the girls and I up for my parents at the end of June to head to Wisconsin for the 4th of July holiday, little did I know we wouldn’t be returning to Columbus before making the big move to Baltimore. Not to mention, I had an out of the country work trip the week before we moved. So from July to August, for a total of six weeks, the girls and I became temporary residents of East Troy, Wisconsin while Mike finished up at his old job, got our house sold and oversaw the move. Needless to say, the girls and I missed him like crazy. Not at the time but a funny fact now, at one point, Mike was in Columbus, the girls were in Wisconsin and I was in Canada. The logistics were overwhelming to say the least. Thank god my parents provided us with a safe haven for us among all the disruption!

We’ve now been here almost three months and has been the rough adjustment one would imagine at times but trying to also look at it for the adventure that it is and have enjoyed exploring a new city and state! Pretty views of the harbor below certainly never get old and we took a fun trip to Annapolis and dipped our toes in the Chesapeake Bay one weekend. The girls loved it.

The best part? My sister, brother-in-law and nephews also made the move! In a word? LIFESAVER.

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