Summer Breakfast Idea

I’m not sure if you’ve heard of YouTube sensation, Bethany Mota but you may have also seen her on a past season of Dancing With The Stars. She has taken YouTube by storm and I believe she averages a few million hits for each video she posts. For some reason, her videos remind me of a simpler time and that you are never to old to be creative and make things fun, which I need to remind myself of from time to time. I think I stumbled across them after a midnight feeding when Ava was real little and was hooked. They are only about 5-10 minutes in length and are light-hearted topics like holiday ideas, makeup, healthy snack options, etc. One of her videos that I particularly liked and completely stole this idea from is her Morning Routine: Summer 2014 video.

You cut a cantaloupe in half, shell out the seeds and start to fill it with whatever your heart desires. In this case, she filled it with yogurt, granola and fresh raspberries like I did in this photo. Brilliant, refreshing and delicious!


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