The sassy diamond stud

I’ll be the first to admit, I tend to get restless when it comes to my accessories. Sure, I have my staples I always like to go back to but on those days when I want to be a little edgy and trendy, these earrings are perfect. I typically wear a pair of diamond studs on a daily basis but if I am in the mood for something different, it takes that classic diamond stud look and gives it that extra flair. Not to mention, on those days I’m feeling bloated or that my baby weight is finding its way back to my mid-section, I love that accessories are one size fits all!

I got these earrings on BaubleBar and you don’t get much more affordable than $30 without getting too cheap to the point they fall apart upon arrival. As much as I would love to own Jennifer Meyer, David Yurman, Catbird or even some of the more expensive JCrew jewelry, that is just not in the cards for me right now. At this point in time, I am always on the hunt for cute, affordable accessories that I will not be devastated by if my toddler gets a hold of for whatever reason and these earrings fit the bill.

They really have become my new diamond stud go-to but with a twist.




One thought on “The sassy diamond stud

  1. Have gotten compliments on my Bauble Bar earrings every time I wear them. Cute, YOUNG Chicago-area waitress asked if I had found them at Bauble Bar….only place she has ever seen them.


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