Sippy cup saga

So we are back at it again. After taking a couple of months off from transitioning to the sippy cup, with poor baby A being sick on and off the past couple of months and me not wanting to play bad cop or deprive her of any liquids while trying to beat all the lovely stuff flu season brings with it, I am ready to take on the challenge again in the new year.

I really have been beyond lucky with Ava. She has surprised me with how well she has handled all the transitions babies encounter in their first year, after hearing so many horror stories. For example, taking a bottle, solid foods, crying it out, breast milk to formula, formula to cow’s milk, being such a good eater and her willingness to try anything, she has handled it all beautifully, overall. But letting go of the bottle hasn’t ben our strong suit. Now, I realize I am the parent and 100% to blame but part of me is sad to part ways with the bottle. I absolutely love, cherish and look forward to giving her a bottle right when she wakes up and right before she goes to bed. Some of the best snuggle time ever.

Shortly after Ava turned a year, we transitioned to cow’s milk. Once we had that under our belt, I tried to be the bad guy and go cold turkey from bottle to sippy cup but after going through about 5-7 sippy cups, none of them seemed to take. She does, however, love drinking water from her straw sippy cup but as soon as I put milk in it, thinking I would fool her, she basically gagged the second the milk hit her lips. So we’re starting slow this week, continuing to do her morning and bedtime bottle, but only offering milk in a sippy cup on her tray at meals and taking away her bottle before her afternoon naps. Let the games begin.

Here are a few sippy cups I have on reserve. I would personally chose the little pink one, if I was her. She received it as a Christmas gift from my aunt and uncle. What is cuter than a little, girly, almost vintage sippy cup with sweet, French vocabulary on it!



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