New year, why not?

Maybe it’s because I have always had goal-oriented parents or maybe it’s my type A personality but I think it’s a great exercise to make new years resolutions. The past few years, ever since a co-worker told me their resolution game plan, mine have been based around those. The way it works is, you come up with resolutions for the following seven aspects of your life: marriage, financial, education, career, spiritual, physical and material. These were my resolutions/goals for 2014:

Marriage – stick to a date night (we definitely had date nights, just not consistent)
Financial – set up Ava’s will (check!)
Education/Career – take apple classes (check!)
Spiritual – regularly attend church (sadly, failed at this)
Physical – lose baby weight (almost check!)
Material – organize basement storage (not even close)

As you can see, I didn’t stick to all of my resolutions but I definitely think I got an A for effort. While I love looking at each of these areas of my life (well maybe not financial), I think I need to simplify them just a little this year, especially during these first-time mommy years when I’m consumed with keeping up with my toddler. So this is what I’m hoping to stick to in 2015:

Emotional – plan monthly date nights
Physical – attend a weekly workout class, get more SLEEP
Mental – keep up with blog, apple classes and read
Spiritual – again, try to regularly attend church
Financial – give back to alma maters, even if that means $10, $20 or $25

The other overall attitude I want to have when going into the new year is to have a ‘why not’ outlook on things so if I’m presented with a great opportunity or new experience to embrace it and say, “Yes, Why Not.” We shall see!

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