February travel fever

I pretty much have the travel bug year round but February in particular for some reason. Maybe it’s because I usually need the month of January to recover from and reflect on the holidays but once February rolls around, the wheels start turning and I can’t help but think where to next. Since we are currently in the process of house hunting and being extra budget conscious, aka not going anywhere soon, I was taking a look back at a cool work trip I took back in July to the quaint and charming town of Quebec City. I was fortunate enough to stay at the stunning Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac. I even got to practice some of my French. It felt like a little slice of Europe only a couple hours outside of the states.

I also got to try the local dish, Poutine (photo above), and can see why this combination of French fries, cheese curds and gravy tastes so amazing. Highly recommend!


Sweet pea Capri


I can’t help but feel all the feelings when thinking about the past 12 months with our baby girl, Capri. She officially turned one on December 8. Everyone has asked me if it’s harder with two. The short answer is yes but for me it’s only because I wanted to treat Capri as if I was having a baby for the first time and not assume anything would go how it did with Ava. Some things were similar but she’s got a sweet little spirit all her own and we learn more about her big personality every day. So much fun and adventure is in store for both our girls and I don’t want to miss a second of it.


Sometimes it’s black and white

Now that I don’t have a lot of my favorite stores close by anymore (Columbus sure did have some great shopping), I rely heavily on online shopping, which can be good and bad. I stumbled across this black and white plaid tunic top on Nordstrom.com and absolutely love it. It accomplishes everything I’m looking for in fashion these days: comfortable, functional for kid-friendly reasons, slightly figure flattering and classically stylish to be worn season after season.

This top would make a real cute outfit for happy hour or dinner out with the girls with a pair of pumps, a waist-cinching belt, a chunky cocktail necklace and clutch.


We made it!

If my last blog post is any indication, the phrase, “Time Flies” has never felt more accurate. So to sum up, since that last blog post in May, our family of five, Lola included, have since relocated to Baltimore, Maryland for Mike’s new job at Under Armour. Looking back, it truly was a whirlwind and even feels like I blacked out at parts. When I was packing the girls and I up for my parents at the end of June to head to Wisconsin for the 4th of July holiday, little did I know we wouldn’t be returning to Columbus before making the big move to Baltimore. Not to mention, I had an out of the country work trip the week before we moved. So from July to August, for a total of six weeks, the girls and I became temporary residents of East Troy, Wisconsin while Mike finished up at his old job, got our house sold and oversaw the move. Needless to say, the girls and I missed him like crazy. Not at the time but a funny fact now, at one point, Mike was in Columbus, the girls were in Wisconsin and I was in Canada. The logistics were overwhelming to say the least. Thank god my parents provided us with a safe haven for us among all the disruption!

We’ve now been here almost three months and has been the rough adjustment one would imagine at times but trying to also look at it for the adventure that it is and have enjoyed exploring a new city and state! Pretty views of the harbor below certainly never get old and we took a fun trip to Annapolis and dipped our toes in the Chesapeake Bay one weekend. The girls loved it.

The best part? My sister, brother-in-law and nephews also made the move! In a word? LIFESAVER.

A night out

I have always loved the idea of a night out and even more so now as a mom. I love putting thought into what I’m going to wear from the clothes to the hair and makeup down to accessories and shoes. I typically have one thing  in mind like a fun bracelet and then I build the rest of my ensemble around that. To be honest, some days it feels like I’m trying to work with three separate wardrobes. My pre-baby clothes, my post-baby clothes and on occasion, my maternity wardrobe are what I have to work with to try and find something I feel comfortable and confident in so these days, accessories are my friend.

For this night out, I received some fun jewelry from Madewell so knew I wanted to wear some of those pieces. I particularly liked these bracelets I have on because they reminded me of the Cartier love bracelet, which I wouldn’t mind owning one day (Hint: Mike, if you’re reading this). Next, I always take season, temperature and restaurant atmosphere into consideration. However, I don’t want to come across as boring or expected so like the look to come across as flattering and fun. I am a big fan of heels but not 100% ready to rock them just yet post-baby. My balance can be touch and go as it is now so add a cocktail and four or five inch heels and that’s a recipe for a sprained ankle for this girl.

Don’t forget to finish off that look with your favorite fragrance! My current favorite is Abercrombie & Fitch Perfume No. 1 that my husband just got me for Mother’s Day.




Sunny Scottsdale

I couldn’t pass up a recent work opportunity to spend five days at The Phoenician in Scottsdale, Arizona. So for two months prior, I was on a breast milk pumping mission to make sure I left my 11 week old daughter, Capri, with enough milk to last her for the five days and then some. I even took a picture of how much milk that came to in the freezer and part of me wants to (and let’s be honest, absolutely will) put that picture in her baby book to refer to often. I came to learn real quick that pumping and traveling is by no means glamorous but was very glad I did it looking back.

I had been to Arizona before but never stayed at this gorgeous resort. I also couldn’t resist taking a couple of pictures of some of the delicious food that certainly blew my peanut butter and jelly out of the water from the days prior. It was a nice change of pace for my toddler palette.

Grey on grey

I had this blog post all drafted and ready to go for about the past three weeks but literally just got around to taking a photo to accompany it. Ideally, I had visions of taking it after I had showered, in natural sunlight and in full makeup but had a feeling if I didn’t have it taken now in my current state, with my hair pulled back, with awful dining room lighting and in minimal makeup, it will be Summer before my ideal vision takes place.

I like to consider myself pretty open to the latest fashion trends or at least open to mixing up my staples with a new fad but one thing I can’t embrace, for some reason, is wearing grey on grey. It didn’t take me long to get onboard with wearing black and brown or even black and blue together but despite my best efforts and the fact that I’m wearing lots of grey these days in the sweats department, with a newborn and toddler at home and freezing temperatures outside, if I have a grey top on, I refuse to layer grey or wear grey bottoms. I could be wearing grey sweats and only have one clean t-shirt but if it’s grey, I’ll grab a flannel instead, for example. It’s the weirdest thing. Hence the less than enthusiastic look on my face.